MLB League Championship Series Predictions

The MLB Playoffs continue to move forward as we are heading into the League Championship Series. Going into the LDS we were curious if the Wild Card winners would have momentum or if getting the extra rest would be beneficial for the two teams with byes. Well, in the NL the Wild Card winners brought that momentum with them as the Padres and Phillies rolled through the Dodgers and Braves respectively. On the other side, the favorites won and we are now headed for a collision between the clear two best teams in the AL in the Astros and the Yankees. Last round none of us got all 4 teams right. Crazy round! Let’s get into our picks.

MLB League Championship Series Predictions

SeriesTKDaveBlakeTimboMarcusDylan Jordan

New York Yankees vs Houston Astros

  • TK – Yankees in 6
  • Marcus – Astros in 5
  • Dave – Yankees in 6
  • Blake – Astros in 6
  • Timbo – Astros in 7
  • Dylan – Astros in 6
  • Jordan – Astros in 4

Philadelphia Phillies vs San Diego Padres

  • TK – Phillies in 6
  • Marcus – Phillies in 6
  • Dave – Padres in 7
  • Blake – Padres in 7
  • Timbo – Phillies in 6
  • Dylan – Phillies in 6
  • Jordan – Phillies in 5


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