MLB World Series Predictions

The World Series is here! And it got here quite quickly as both the Phillies and the Astros made light work of their League Championship Series foes. The Phillies took care of the Padres 4-1 and the Astros remained unbeaten this post season as they took down the Yankees in a clean sweep. Last round we saw Timbo, Marcus, Dylan, and Jordan predict the correct winners with Jordan calling each series down to the game, as he took the Yanks to sweep and the Phils to win in 5. Going back to the LDS, Jordan has gotten 5 out of 6 series correct. If you’re a gambler, you may want to roll with the hot hand and stick with Jordan’s pick this round and take the Astros in 6. Let’s get into the picks.

MLB World Series Predictions

SeriesTKDave BlakeTimboMarcusDylan Jordan
Phillies vs Astros PHI HOUHOU HOU HOU PHI HOU 

Philadelphia Phillies vs Houston Astros

  • TK – Phillies in 5
  • Marcus – Astros in 5
  • Dave – Astros in 4
  • Blake – Astros in 5
  • Timbo – Astros in 6
  • Dylan – Phillies in 5
  • Jordan – Astros in 6


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