Sam Adonis – The American Luchador

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Lucha Libre AAA and Independent Wrestling star Sam Adonis. We talked about Sam’s career, his time spent in the UK and Mexico, CMLL, Lucha Libre AAA, Warrior Wrestling, the prime wrestling age, Sam’s future ambitions in the industry, WrestleRex, and so much more!

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Sam Adonis – The American Luchador

6 foot 4 inches tall. 250 pounds. Not quite your typical luchador. But then there’s Sam Adonis. Sam Adonis is an American-born Independent wrestling star who thrives in the Lucha wrestling scene. Currently, Sam is wrestling for Lucha Libre AAA where he is a prominent member of La Empresa. He also wrestles for other various Independent Wrestling promotions, including Warrior Wrestling where Sam holds the Warrior Wrestling Lucha Champion. In addition to wrestling, Sam also works as a promoter for WrestleRex in Pittsburgh.  

How did we get here?

Sam was born with wrestling in his blood. His father, Dan Polinsky, promoted wrestling shows in Pittsburgh, and from a young age, Sam was hooked. However, Sam wasn’t like most young American wrestling fans, he was into all sorts of wrestling and idolized guys like Ultimo Dragon, and dreamed of wrestling in Korakuen Hall in Japan.

Sam started wrestling in the late 2000s on the independent scene, teaming with his brother (WWE’s Corey Graves). From there Sam briefly worked for WWE’s developmental system (FCW) before heading over to Europe to hone his craft. After a few years in Europe, Sam went to Mexico and wrestled for CMLL. In CMLL, Sam did some of his best work as a heel.

AAA & Warrior Wrestling

Currently, Sam is wrestling for Lucha Libre AAA where he is a part of La Empresa. Sam is coming off a run as AAA World Trios Champion with DMT Azul and Puma King. They held those titles for over 150 days. He also wrestles for Warrior Wrestling where he is the Warrior Wrestling Lucha Champion. 

I saw Sam for the first time at Warrior Wrestling 8 and I was captivated. He was a part of the Warrior Wrestling World Championship match in a War of Attrition match. Sam made it down to the final two where he lost to Brian Pillman Jr. I was hooked. Although Sam was the heel, his charisma and personality stood out to me. In addition to his personality, watching him move around the ring as he did at his size was nothing short of impressive. I was sold. I said that night this man is going to be Warrior Wrestling Champion one day and be something big in this industry. 

Since that night, I have followed Sam’s career and have watched him ascend to Championship stardom while continuing to get better and better. In Warrior Wrestling alone Sam has put on high-quality matches with the likes of Jay White, Matt Cardona, Jeff Cobb, Brian Cage, and Lance Archer. Sam has been so impressive in Chicago that the crowd has bought into him much as I have and have turned him into one of the biggest faces in Warrior Wrestling. I would go as far as to call him Mr. Warrior Wrestling. 

What does the Future Hold?

At only 35 years old Sam has a bright future in the business. He continues to get better and is just hitting his stride. In the immediate future, I look forward to seeing Sam have continued success in AAA including a singles run, and on the Independent wrestling scene, including a reign as Warrior Wrestling Champion! 

Down the road, I fully expect to see Sam on our televisions weekly in some capacity. He has the whole package and the whole world will know who he is sooner than later. 

Outside of the ring, Sam has a great mind for the business. When his in-ring career is finished, I could see him in a backstage producer or trainer role with a major promotion.


Currently, Sam is a promoter for his promotion WrestleRex. WrestleRex is a Pittsburgh Pro Wrestling company with an edgy and Iron City soul. You can find the next WrestleRex show at Enclave in Pittsburgh, PA on 10/20/22.

Be sure to follow Sam on Twitter and Instagram.

You can find a couple of Sam’s matches below!

Sam Adonis vs Jay White

Sam Adonis vs Lince Dorado

Sam Adonis vs Matt Cardona


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