The 120 | Round Two

Welcome to The 120! Streetz here, and Mock SZN is upon us. As we are all guilty of, we hardly go past the 10th rd in them this early. So over the next couple of weeks, I will be dropping my 120 to kick this off. Let’s get into round two!

You can find round one of The 120 here.

13. Dalvin Cook (RB7) – MIN

Cook is often banged up and took a little step back in production last year. He was still 5th in touches per game and 9th in FPPG. He still the has ability to win you a week alone and the if rumors of pass-game work are true, we are talking big stonks. Like DODGE coin scam stonks. Except fantasy football is real and crypto is just legal money laundering. 

14. Alvin Kamara (RB8) – NO

Alvin went out with a bang at the pro bowl. That bang just ended up being in the form of fists in front of an elevator in Vegas. Look we’ve all been there in Vegas. You let the dogs out. You steal Mike Tyson’s tiger and Mr. Chow kidnaps your friend Doug. Just so happens to be the wrong Doug. Vegas is wild. With cameras, these days the saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas just isn’t true. So now what we get is another amazing dual-threat back that may end up on the shelf. This spot relies on an unknown suspension. If it’s 4 games I’m good here. 8? He’s moved back a ton. Anything more and I will not draft likely.

15. Aaron Jones (RB9) – GB

When Adams was out Jones was basically a top 5 RB. 23 PPG. He was heavily targeted and just a PPR monster then. Adams took his talents to the desert leaving a huge void in targets. Rodgers might be on a spiritual journey licking toads in the amazon right now, but once the season starts, Jones is gonna eat. A lot. 

16. De’Andre Swift (RB10) – DET

As of week 11 last year Swift was RB7. But injury then derailed the season. Swift is a talented back and a full year could pay dividends. Detroit also added some help, which hopefully doesn’t take too many targets away from Swift. However, the hope is this offense is a little better and scores more TDs. Goff is serviceable. In the same sense that Olive Garden is Italian.

17. Davante Adams (WR5) – LV

He chose the desert over enemas with Rodgers. Look, he is not going to see the same amount of targets he did in GB. But he chose his college QB for a reason. And this is also Carr’s best weapon he’s ever had. Waller and Renfrow only help. This offense could be pretty good. Adams is talented and I bank on him still, but at a 2nd round cost. 

18. CeeDee Lamb (WR6) – DAL

Ceedees Nuts. Had to say it. We all think it. Deez nuts jokes aside, Ceedee is about to take you to the moon. Let’s leave out his ridiculous numbers with the ball. Like YAC and missed tackles. Dak is going to throw the ball almost 600 times and with no Cooper, Lamb is going to get a huge target share. He is poised to have his career year, 

19. Deebo Samuel (WR7) – SF

Again. We wanna use Friday jokes. It’s too easy. But here at Floor Slapper Sports we strive to be different. We strive. Ok you see I’m stalling. That’s because I don’t know about this rank. I love the player but if anyone screams regression it’s a guy who 30% of his production was from rushing and now gets a new QB. But Lance could take this offense further and Samuel will be a big part of it. As a receiver alone he still was top 10. I’m buying it. 

20. Mike Evans (WR8) – TB

8 seasons over 1K in a row. Red Zone hog. Tom Brady. I don’t have to use full sentences for him. It’s nice. Next. 

21. Javonte Williams (RB11) – DEN

True story. The Russell Wilson to the Bears rumor is the best QB the Bears have ever had. Also true is Williams gets to actually live it. There’s no question he’s the best back on this team. Rumor is Hackett is going to split the load with Gordon though. But what I learned from Hackett is Williams might be Aaron Jones in this offense. So it won’t matter. 

22. Nick Chubb (RB12) – CLE

Sometimes some boring is good. The most boring people in your class are probably doing much better than reading a blog about fantasy football. Probably created a microchip for a computer and sold it and now drive a Ferrari. This boring has averaged 5 yards per carry in his career. This boring just doesn’t do a thing in the passing game. But you get a safe floor even if Watson doesn’t play. 

23. Tyreek Hill (WR9) – MIA

Going from Mahomes to Tua is like being traded from the Yankees to the Pirates. Like going from Jennifer Lopez to Kathy Bates. So maybe we see a dip in deep balls. But his ADOT dropped off last year also. I’m just sure McDaniel will get him the ball enough to assist you some weeks. He has the big-play ability, he’s just not the same as days past. 

24. Keenan Allen (WR10) – LAC

Allen is what he is. He’s top ten in targets, top ten in receptions. 6 TDs is not great but he was 5th in RZ targets last year. Regardless, he’s consistent. And you know what they say. Consistency is the hallmark of the unimaginative. Whether that is good or bad, it’s Keenan Allen…..Oh, and he has my 2022 QB1 throwing him the ball. 


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