The Universal Wrestling Podcast – Davey Richards Interview

On this episode, Nick and Keith welcome Davey Richards. Davey gives his thoughts on the new era of ROH and if he would return. He also talks about the AEW All Out Media Scrum, his dream matches, wrestling with a broken freakin’ nose, why he left, and how he made his return to wrestling. He also talks about Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins, The Hardy Boys, and Dudley Boys.

Start: 0:00
Falling Back in Love with Pro Wrestling: 2:02
Thoughts on the PWI 500: 2:52
Wrestling Influences: 5:59
Thoughts on the New Era of ROH: 11:55
ROH Return?: 14:13
Wrestling with a Broken Freakin Nose & Tom Lawlor: 15:37
Wrestling as a Paramedic: 18:39
Favorite Matches & Dream Matches: 19:30
Working with the Hardy & Dudley Boys: 24:32
Working with Eddie Edwards Again: 25:59
AEW All Out Media Scrum: 27:24
Thoughts on the Evolution of Seth Rollins: 30:58
Rhodes vs Rollins HITC: 32:44
Cobra Kai & Never Wrestling Again: 35:15
Getting Released by Impact Wrestling: 38:19
Lawsuit & Botched Surgery: 39:31
Credit to his Wife, Son & Angelina Love: 41:04
Thoughts on His Son Wrestling: 42:37
Accepting Help: 43:43
Dave Meltzer?: 45:32
The Name Game: 46:37
End: 48:58


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