Top 10 Matches of the Week – 11/6/22 – 11/12/22

1Death Triangle vs The Elite (5)AEW Full Gear11/19AEW World Trios Championship
2Josh Alexander vs Frankie Kazarian (4.75)Impact Over Drive11/18Impact World Championship
3Jamie Hayter vs Toni Storm (4.5)AEW Full Gear11/19AEW REAL Women’s World Championship
4Syuri vs Utami Hayashishita (4.75)Stardom Gold Rush11/19World of Stardom Championship
5Chris Jericho vs Bryan Danielson vs Sammy Guevara vs Claudio Castagnoli (4.5)AEW Full Gear11/19ROH World Championship
6MJF vs Jon Moxley (4.5)AEW Full Gear11/19AEW World Championship
7Jungle Boy Jack Perry vs Luchasaurus (4.25)AEW Full Gear11/19Steel Cage
8Trey Miguel vs Black Taurus (4.25)Impact Over Drive11/18Impact X-Division Championship
9Eddie Kingston vs Jun Akiyama (4.25)AEW Full Gear: Zero Hour11/19
10Jordynne Grace vs Masha Slamovich (4.25)Impact Over Drive11/18Impact Knockouts Championship Last Knockout Standing
HMAustin Theory vs Dolph Ziggler (4)WWE Monday Night Raw11/14
HMSeth Rollins vs Finn Balor (4)WWE Monday Night Raw11/14WWE United States Championship

Well, well, well, what a week it was! Firstly, my podcast, Brain Buster Boys, celebrated its two-year anniversary and got to do so by attending two wrestling shows in Louisville, Kentucky: Monday Night Raw and Impact Over Drive. Oh, and not to mention AEW Full Gear and Stardom Gold Rush.

(Listen to part 1 of the Two-Year Anniversary Show here and part 2 here!)

I’ll start chronologically and say I really had a blast attending my first WWE show in over five years. It was big, bright, and loud all night, and we were treated to some good matches and storyline progression, mostly in the case of Austin Theory. He had an awesome backstage promo, followed by a great match with Dolph Ziggler, and he closed the show by attacking Seth Rollins and hoisting the United States Championship over him. They didn’t crack my top 10 because it was such a strong week, but I wanted to recognize the Theory/Ziggler and Rollins/Balor matches from Raw, because they were both damn solid and a treat to take in live.

Impact Over Drive was the third Impact special event I’ve attended this year, and they’ve all been so much fun, and great shows to boot. We opted for the general admission tickets this time, and we were posted up about 15 feet from the ring, parallel to the commentators, with a perfect view of the action. We made plenty of new friends and were starting cheers all night, specifically for Black Taurus. The first handful of matches were fine, but things really escalated with the X-Division Championship match, and our group was responsible for starting every single Black Taurus chant. He looked over at us in acknowledgment multiple times and you could tell our cheers were firing him up. He had an outstanding back-and-forth match with Trey Miguel with plenty of big moves, but that bastard Trey (seemingly) turned heel by spraying Taurus with spray paint to get the W. 

Jordynne Grace and Masha Slamovich rekindled their rivalry with an excellent Last Knockout Standing for the Knockouts Championship. It was a slight step below their amazing match at Bound For Glory, but the stipulation worked for this, and they put together an engaging, physical match, which saw Grace get the win by Muscle Buster’ing Masha through a door outside the ring. 

The main event saw yet another 2022 banger performance from Josh Alexander, and (probably not even) arguably the best performance and singles match of Frankie Kazarian’s career. They battled for nearly 33 minutes, throwing everything at each other, doing each other’s moves, grueling submissions, but Alexander outlasted Kazarian finally planting him with the C4 Spike. And then things got interesting when Bully Ray came out to challenge Alexander for Hard To Kill and proceeded to nearly piledrive his wife before Alexander handed over the Impact World Championship. I’ll admit, I wasn’t at all excited about the prospect of Bully Ray challenging for the title, but I’m definitely more intrigued now.

AEW IS BACK BAYYYYBEEEE! It’s certainly been an up-and-down 2022 for AEW, but they saved the best for last, and Full Gear is the ppv of the year in my opinion. Emotions started running high on the pre-show with Eddie Kingston getting to take on his hero (and absolute legend) Jun Akiyama. It went just over 10 minutes and was a battle of wills, chops, punches, and suplexes, but the best moment came after the match with the mutual sign of respect, and Kingston in tears on the microphone. That definitely set the tone for what would be an amazing night. 

The main card kicked off with a bang, as JACK PERRY (it’s weird) finally bested his old friend Luchasaurus in a thrilling steel cage match. Speaking of thrilling, holy shit that trios title match was LIVE. It was one of those special energies in the room when we were watching, and from the bell it was hot, heavy, wild, insane and never let up for a second. It was so great seeing the Elite back — especially Kenny — and their chemistry with Death Triangle is second to none. The storytelling here was tremendous with Fenix refusing to use the hammer initially, but eventually giving in to lead them to the W. It was my match of the night and match of the week. And me oh my, we’re going to get a best-of-seven series! I seriously cannot wait to see what these six cook up over the next couple months.

My 2nd-favorite match of the night was the Women’s World Championship (no interim tag here), which saw Jamie Hayter finally and rightfully claim the throne over old friend and roommate Toni Storm, in what was one of my favorite women’s matches to ever take place on American soil. These two absolutely slugged it out and left it all in the ring. The last few minutes were sublime with nearfalls, but Hayter was finally able to get it done (with the help of Britt Baker) and I certifiably lost my mind. What a moment, and no woman in the company deserves it more. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Hayter as champion. 

The fatal four-way for the ROH championship was such an exciting and well-executed matchup. There was obvious intrigue with the potential of stablemates squaring off, and the main story was when Sammy would break and he eventually did. I’ve given Sammy a lot of guff this year — and it was all warranted — but I’m glad he’s cut out the bullshit and stuck to wrestling. This was one of his best performances of the year. All the interactions between Danielson and Claudio were great, including the late nearfall with the bisiko knee. But the dastardly Ocho snuck in and retained. And of course, the main event which was full of drama, and finally saw the coronation of Maxwell Jacob Friedman as AEW World Champion. Like his match against Punk in Chicago, Mox embraced the full heel and beat MJF pillar to post for like 80% of the match. Although everyone and their brother expected Regal to turn and help MJF win, it was perfectly executed with Regal scolding MJF for attempting to use the Dynamite Diamond Ring, telling Mox to go get the ref, and sliding the brass knucks in perfectly for MJF to clobber Mox for the 1, 2, 3. It’s a new era, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Lastly, Syuri and Utami Hayashishita had yet another incredible match in their rivalry, which saw Syuri defeat Utami in a 28-minute war, to set up her match with Giulia at Dream Queendom at the end of the year. Similarly to MJF, it’s Giulia’s time, and I’d be quite surprised if she didn’t take the World of Stardom Championship off her former tag team partner. That match will surely be wild!


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