Top 10 NFL Running Backs of All-Time

Hey everybody, thanks for checking out our Floor Slapper Sports top 10 running backs of all time list. We got our final list by polling 6 of our sports correspondents (Mike DoggBrett, Blake, Timbo, Dave Prinz, and TK) and then adding up the lists. The lower the total points the better. Of the 6 voters, 3 had Walter Payton come in at first place while 3 had Jim Brown come in at first place. However, at the end of the day, it was Walter Payton pulling out that top spot with Jim Brown following him at number two. Let’s take a look at the list.


1Walter Payton21321110
2Jim Brown12114312
3Barry Sanders33232215
4LaDainian Tomlinson57455632
5Adrian Peterson79673436
6aMarshall Faulk46569939
6bEmmitt Smith68947539
8Eric Dickerson84796741
9OJ Simpson95810851
10Earl Campbell10862
Curtis Martin863
Terrell Davis101064
Gale Sayers1065
Jerome Bettis1065

Top 10

Honorable Mentions: Curtis Martin, Terrell Davis, Gale Sayers, and Jerome Bettis

10.) Earl Campbell – 10,213 YScm, 74 Tds, 4.4 Y/Tch

HOF, MVP, 3x AP, 5x PB

9.) OJ Simpson – 13,378 YScm, 75 Tds, 5.1 Y/Tch

HOF, MVP, 5x AP, 6x PB

8.) Eric Dickerson – 15,396 YScm, 96 Tds, 4.7 Y/Tch

HOF, 5x AP, 6x PB

6b.) Emmitt Smith – 21,579 YScm, 175 Tds, 4.4 Y/Tch

HOF, SB MVP, MVP, 4x AP, 8x PB

6a.) Marshall Faulk – 19,154 YScm, 136 Tds, 5.3 Y/Tch

HOF, MVP, 3x AP, 7x PB

5.) Adrian Peterson – 17,392 YScm, 126 Tds, 4.9 Y/Tch

MVP, 4x PB, 7x PB

4.) LaDainian Tomlinson – 18,456 yds, 162 Tds, 4.9 Y/Tch

HOF, MVP, 3x AP, 5x PB

3.) Barry Sanders – 18,190 YScm, 109 Tds, 5.3 Y/Tch

HOF, MVP, 6x AP, 10x PB

2.) Jim Brown – 14,811 YScm, 126 TDs, 5.7 Y/Tch

HOF, 3x MVP, 8x AP, 9x PB

1.) Walter Payton – 21,264 YScm, 125 Yds, 4.9 Y/Tch

HOF, MVP, 5x AP, 9x PB

That’s it. That’s our list of the top 10 running backs of all time. What did you think of the list? Who is the greatest running back to ever play the game? Leave your comments below!


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