Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks of All Time

Hey everybody, thanks for checking out our Floor Slapper Sports top 10 quarterbacks of all time list. We got our final list by polling 7 of our sports correspondents (Mike Dogg, Brett, Blake, Matt Tracht, Timbo, Dave Prinz, and TK) and then adding up the lists. The lower the total points the better. Of the 7 voters, 5 had Tom Brady come in at first place while Mike and Blake had Peyton Manning. Brady just edged Manning 12 to 14 to take our top spot.


#PlayerTKMikeDaveBrettBlakeTrachtTimboTotal Pts
1Tom Brady141131112
2Peyton Manning212312314
3Joe Montana353223321
4Dan Marino426855434
5John Elway869474846
6Aaron Rodgers5781048547
7Brett Favre65569648
8Drew Brees9104797753
9Johnny Unitas1031061061055
10Steve Young77810963
Roger Staubach8972
Otto Graham975

Top 10

Honorable Mentions: Roger Staubach and Otto Graham

10.) Steve Young – 33,124 Yds, 232 Tds, 107 Ints

HOF, SB MVP, 2x MVP, 3x AP, 7x PB

9.) Johnny Unitas – 40,239 Yds, 290 Tds, 253 Ints

HOF, SB Champ, 3x NFL Champ, 3x MVP, 5x AP, 10x PB

8.) Drew Brees – 80,358 Yds, 571 Tds, 243 Ints

SB Champ, SB MVP, 1x AP, 13x PB

7.) Brett Favre – 71,838 Yds, 508 Tds, 336 Ints

HOF, SB Champ, 3x MVP, 3x AP, 11x PB

6.) Aaron Rodgers – 55,555 Yds, 449 Tds, 94 Ints

SB Champ, SB MVP, 4x MVP, 4x AP, 10x PB

5.) John Elway – 51,475 Yds, 300 Tds, 226 Ints

HOF, 2x SB Champ, SB MVP, MVP, 9x PB

4.) Dan Marino – 61,361 Yds, 420 Tds, 252 Ints

HOF, MVP, 3x AP, 9x PB

3.) Joe Montana – 40,551 Yds, 273 Tds, 139 Ints

HOF, 4x SB Champ, 3x SB MVP, 2x MVP, 3x AP, 8x PB

2.) Peyton Manning – 71,940 Yds, 539 Tds, 251 Ints

HOF, 2x SB Champ, SB MVP, 5x MVP, 7x AP, 14x PB

1.) Tom Brady – 84,732 Yds, 625 Tds, 204 Ints

7x SB Champ, 5x SB MVP, 3x MVP, 3x AP, 15x PB

That’s it. That’s our list of the top 10 quarterbacks of all time. What did you think of the list? Who is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game? Leave your comments below!


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