Top 15 MLB Catchers of All Time

Welcome to the first edition of our all-time MLB position rankings. Today we will start out with the catcher position and we will take a look at the top 15 MLB catchers of all time.

Top 15 MLB Catchers of All Time

1Johnny Bench
2Pudge Rodriguez
3Mike Piazza
4Yogi Berra
5Roy Campanella
6Carlton Fisk
7Mickey Cochrane
8Josh Gibson
9Gary Carter
10Buster Posey
11Yadier Molina
12Joe Mauer
13Thurman Munson
14Joe Torre
15Jorge Posada

15.) Jorge Posada

Honorable Mentions: Bill Dickey, Ted Simmons, Ernie Lombardi

4X WS, 5X AS, WAR- 42.7

14.) Joe Torre

MVP, GG, 9X AS, WAR- 57.5

13.) Thurman Munson

MVP, 3X GG, 7X AS, ROY, WAR- 46.1

12.) Joe Mauer

MVP, 3X GG, 6X AS, WAR- 55.2

11.) Yadier Molina

2X WS, 9X GG, 10X AS, WAR- 42.1

10.) Buster Posey

MVP, 3X WS, GG, 7X AS, WAR- 44.9

9.) Gary Carter

HOF, WS, 3X GG, 11X AS, WAR- 70.1

8.) Josh Gibson

HOF, 2X WS, 2X Triple Crown, 12X AS, WAR- 38.4

7.) Mickey Cochrane

HOF, 3X WS, 2X MVP, 2X AS, WAR- 49.9

6.) Carlton Fisk

HOF, 11X AS, GG, ROY, WAR- 68.4

5.) Roy Campanella

HOF, WS, 3X MVP, 11X AS, WAR- 41.7

4.) Yogi Berra

HOF, 10X WS, 3X MVP, 18X AS, WAR- 59.6

3.) Mike Piazza

HOF, 12X AS, ROY, WAR- 59.5

2.) Ivan Rodriguez

HOF, WS, MVP, 14X AS, 13X GG, WAR-68.7

1.) Johnny Bench

HOF, 2X WS, WS MVP, 2X MVP, 14X AS, 10X GG, ROY, WAR-75.1


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