Top 25 NBA Players Under 25

The NBA is loaded with talent under 25 years old. Today our Floor Slapper Sports panel put together our list of the top NBA players under 25. We based our lists on both current skills and future potential. We took the average of our lists made by Mike Dogg, Dave Prinz, Brett Jager from the Brain Buster Boys, Dan Bakley from Cage My IQ, and myself. We all listed our top 25 players under 25, totaled them up, and ranked them lowest to highest. No surprise Luka Dončić took the number 1 spot but it got interesting after that. Let’s get into it.

Top 25 NBA Players Under 25

1Luka Dončić1111261.2
2Jayson Tatum22331112.2
3Trae Young34243163.2
4Ja Morant43424173.4
5Anthony Edwards55595295.8
6Bam Adebayo867611387.6
7LaMelo Ball771478438.6
8Darius Garland989126448.8
9Brandon Ingram10911117489.6
10Shai Gilgeous-Alexander111013895110.2
11Zion Williamson623125105611.2
12Jarrett Allen12221010126613.2
13DeAndre Ayton1321614247815.6
14De’Aaron Fox14112418148116.2
15Tyrese Maxey18161713188216.4
16Scottie Barnes19132521169418.8
17Evan Mobley202016139519
18Tyler Herro22182015219619.2
19Tyrese Haliburton17823259919.8
20Jordan Poole1619182210120.2
21John Collins2419171510120.2
22Jaren Jackson Jr.1517252010320.6
23Cade Cunningham21152010821.6
24Miles Bridges141710921.8
25Lonzo Ball21191911122.2

Honorable Mention: Jalen Green (22.6), Mitchell Robinson (23.6), Robert Williams (24), OG Anunoby (24.8)

1.) Luka Dončić (DAL), 23

3x All-NBA, 3x All Star, Rookie of the Year

2.) Jayson Tatum (BOS), 24

ECF MVP, 2x All-NBA, 3x All Star

3.) Trae Young (ATL), 23

1x All-NBA, 2x All Star

4.) Ja Morant (MEM), 22

1x All-NBA, 1x All Star, Rookie of the Year

5.) Anthony Edwards (MIN), 20

6.) Bam Adebayo (MIA), 24

1x All Star, 3x All-Defense

7.) LaMelo Ball (CHA), 20

1x All Star, Rookie of the Year

8.) Darius Garland (CLE), 22

1x All Star

9.) Brandon Ingram (NOP), 24

1x All Star

10.) Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (OKC), 23

11.) Zion Williamson (NOP), 21

1x All Star

12.) Jarrett Allen (CLE), 24

1x All Star

13.) DeAndre Ayton (PHO), 23

14.) De’Aaron Fox (SAC), 24

15.) Tyrese Maxey (PHI), 21

16.) Scottie Barnes (TOR), 20

Rookie of the Year

17.) Evan Mobley (CLE), 21

18.) Tyler Herro (MIA), 22

Sixth Man of the Year

19.) Tyrese Haliburton (IND), 24

20.) Jordan Poole (GSW), 23

21.) John Collins (ATL), 24

22.) Jaren Jackson Jr. (MEM), 22

1x All Defense

23.) Cade Cunningham (DET), 20

24.) Miles Bridges (CHA), 24

25.) Lonzo Ball (CHI), 24

That’s our list. Did we get it right? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.


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