Top 5 Fantasy Football QB/WR Stacks

Having that QB/WR stack on your fantasy football team always adds just a little bit more excitement. Who doesn’t like double points on TDs?! Now more than ever there are some great QB/WR stack options, let’s take a look at my top 5.

5. Tom Brady and Mike Evans

When Tom Brady is 74 and still getting 4,000 passing yards, Mike Evans’ grandson might be on the receiving end. All kidding aside, Brady led the NFL in passing yards and touchdowns in year 22, insane. While Evans has started his career with 8 straight 1K seasons. Oh, and he’s had 27 TDS the last two seasons with Brady. (Why aren’t they higher?!?)

4. Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen

Justin Herbert is a guy who can flat-out sling the rock. In his sophomore season, he led the AFC in TDS and yards, pretty impressive. Allen was 5th and 8th in targets during his two years with Herbert and Herbert should be even better, that’s scary.

3. Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase

Burrow and Chase tore up college football and didn’t stop in the pros. Chase set the rookie record for yards and grabbed 81 passes. In his sophomore season, Burrow lit it up for 4,600 and 34 TDS in route to a Super Bowl appearance, this duo has an argument to be higher.

2. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs

Josh Allen is attempting to be the first QB to lead QBs in fantasy scoring 3 straight years since Brett Favre in the mid-90s. Diggs has 330 targets in his 2 years with Allen, 330!!!!! They should probably be 1.

1. Matt Stafford and Cooper Kupp

Imagine thinking Stafford wasn’t elite cause he played for the Lions, glad I’m not THAT guy. What Kupp did last year was nothing short of amazing. I doubt he gets there again, but Stafford and him seem to have a serious bond. Kupp winning the WR Triple Crown with 145/1947/16 was God-like. Even if he gets 80% of that, it will still be exceptional.

Honorable Mentions: Justin Jefferson and  Kirk Cousins, Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb, and Justin fuckin Fields and Darnell Mooney (sue me).


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