Unsolicited Advice – 2022 Busts

Unsolicited Advice – 2022 Busts

For me, a bust can only be someone we take within the first 4 rounds. Some years we see some in the 2nd. Let’s take a look at a couple of potential busts this season.

QB – Patrick Mahomes ADP 31

It’s more a gut feeling. He sadly was 5th in PPG a season ago, posted the worst ANY/A of his career, and lost his biggest weapon. But it’s still gut. He likely is fine as a real-life player and is one of the best QBs in the game. With an iffy supporting cast maybe it might just decrease his numbers a bit, and when you take a QB in the 3rd round he better finish as QB1.

RB – Ezekiel Elliot ADP 30

We don’t need to spend a bunch of time going over his declining metrics. Sadly, he’s even worse without Tyron Smith on the field. Not completely done with Zeke but I’m starting to re-think where I have him ranked in PPR.

WR – Dionte Johnson ADP 38

Mitch Trubiksy/ Kenny Pickett. Will they lock in on Dionte like Ben did? Also, rookie QBs don’t tend to produce top 15 WRs. Too iffy for me to take him before guys like Waddle, Cooks, and McLaurin in that same range (DJ Moore’s ADP will rise quickly this week and he won’t be there at that pick).

TE – Kyle Pitts ADP 32

He arguably had the greatest rookie TE season of all time. He also will score more TDs in 2022, even in a bad offense. Now the worry. We can hate on Matt Ryan all we want but he gets the ball to his receivers. A bad O line, Mariota, and in all likelihood, a rookie QB at some point can add up to knock Pitts down a tad. Still should see volume but getting some other options a round or two later is just a little safer. Albeit, most of these TEs can be part of the bust column.


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