Unsolicited Advice – 2022 Sleepers

Unsolicited Advice – 2022 Sleepers

For me, sleepers are late-round guys. If you draft someone in the top 100 it is not a sleeper. He’s in the top 100 for a reason. So let’s dive into the 100s and find some treasure.

QB – Justin Fields ADP 136

QB is a tough one to really label for sleepers. It’s fairly 15-16 deep this year. Many can be had after pick 100. So looking deeper around pick 136 is Justin Fields. Rushing yards will provide a stable floor and Luke Getsy likely has the offense built around his strengths. 64 yards rushing a game for the final month gives us a glimpse. If the passing improves he may have no issue being a top 14 QB and viable streaming option.

RB – James Cook ADP 113

He’s built perfectly for a RB of his style. He’s in a high-powered offense that throws over 60% of the time. Oh, and where RBs saw 82 targets. Which he could see 50 of. He’s immediate flex appeal. If anything happens to Devin Singletary, Cook could be a league winner. Moss is also rumored to be on the trade block which would cement it.

WR – Jahan Dotson ADP 163

It took no time at all in camp to ingrain himself as the #2 WR in Washington. He’s got speed and insane hands. While Terry gets all the attention he could become a nice open weapon for Wentz, and an easy flex play in PPR, with a ceiling for more. He was scouted by many as the most pro-ready prospect and after getting a look we see why.

TE – Gerald Everett ADP 184

He’s basically free and I have him ranked in the top 125. Jared Cook saw 83 targets and was 9th in routes run a year ago in the Chargers offense. Cook looked old and at the end of his career. It showed only posting 200 YAC and an abysmal catch rate. If Everett saw this workload under Herbert he will blow past the yards. The Chargers also throw the ball a lot in close so Everett has a great chance to be in the top 10 for TE TD’s this season(Cook was 12th a year ago).


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