Week 11 Buy Low – Sell High

Buy Low and Sell High is a weekly installment that will aim to evaluate the performances from the previous week and season at large and identify targets that might have peaked already or are about to peak. Being on the right side of those swings in production is crucial to fantasy football success. I will offer advice on how to maximize the value available to you through name value and recent performance bias. 

Buy Low

Kyren Williams, RB – Rams

In an offense that has done everything to try and create a spark in the run game, they have one last option. Their one hope has been laid up on the IR until this week. Kyren Williams showed what he could do on the field in the last meaningless drive of last week’s game and I think his role expands immensely. I don’t know if they have admitted it to themselves yet but the Rams season is probably not going to end in the playoffs this year. This could potentially benefit Williams though as they will most likely want to see what they have in their rookie as they plan for the next year. This offense has just lost its most important piece in Cooper Kupp and if they want to move down the field someone will have to step up and start making the plays. I think Kyren Williams is someone that may be the most reliable starter for the Rams fantasy wise going forward. Buy him now while his value is still low.

Tom Brady, QB – Buccaneers

Brady’s coming off back to back wins with a healthy receiving corps and a budding new young running back. Perhaps the greatest QB of all time is going to be giving his all to win every game he can to keep playoff hopes alive the rest of the way. He has the weapons to dominate just like last year. Tom Brady owners may be down on their luck thus far in the season and might be open to a trade. I’m sure most Brady owners probably roster about 3 QBs and have been trying to find a good replacement. If your league’s Brady owner found someone like Justin Fields who he’s been starting instead then he will be even cheaper. Go buy Brady now and enjoy his dominating second half run that could lead you to a championship ring. 

Sell High

D’onta Foreman, RB – Panthers

If you didn’t listen to me two weeks ago about selling D’Onta Foreman then here’s your next chance. Matchups with Atlanta tend to make players’ fantasy value skyrocket. I think Foreman is a solid player and has proved so every time he gets a full time role, but he is on a very bad team and that will impact his performance more weeks that not despite his talent. Foreman might pull off a couple more nice games maybe but I think your roster would be better suited trying to get someone more consistent or finally upgrade that ugly TE spot you have been having to stream at all year.

Christian Watson, WR – Packers

Everyone and their mother probably tried to get Christian Watson this week on waivers. That’s usually what happens after someone drops 30 points and potentially snatches the WR1 spot in an Aaron Rodgers led offense. The reality is he probably just had his best game of the season. He had four receptions and three of them were touchdowns so he’s a big candidate for regression towards the mean. Cooper Kupp owners might be very sore and looking for another player that can get them the high-scoring totals Kupp has every week. Selling them on a 30-point performance from Watson might not be that hard and you could walk away with a piece or two that helps you make a deep playoff run


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