Week 11 Faves & Fades

Faves and Fades is a weekly installment that focuses on players who you might be deciding between in your flex spot. We won’t be talking about any of the biggest producers here because you are going to start them regardless of the matchup. These players will be low-end WR2 – Waiver Wire range. The flex spot is oftentimes the sweatiest decision and also the X-Factor that can decide the matchup. This one is for the Gunslingers.

Last Week Recap


  • Chase Claypool, WR / Bears vs Lions: 1.8 PPR Points
  • Kadarius Toney, WR / Chiefs vs Jaguars: 19 PPR Points
  • George Pickens, WR / Steelers vs Saints: 14.5 PPR Points
  • Terrance Marshall, WR / Panthers vs Falcons: 6.3 PPR Points
  • Brian Robinson, RB / Commanders vs Eagles:14.6 PPR Points


  • Mecole Hardman, WR / Chiefs vs Jaguars: OUT (Designated as out before the game)
  • Adam Thielen , WR / Vikings vs Bills: 9.9 PPR Points
  • Cortland Sutton,  WR / Broncos vs Titans: 12.6 PPR Points
  • Justin Herbert, QB / Chargers vs 49ers: 14 PPR Points

What We Learned

There are two very talented players in very similar situations. Kadarius Toney was able to capitalize on his opportunity, perhaps helped in part by the JuJu injury mid-game. He looked as electric as he always does when healthy and I’m excited for him going forward. Chase Claypool did not work his way into a significant role with the offense yet despite an amazing matchup. It ended up being a close game but maybe the Bears didn’t think they needed to hurry Claypool into the offense to win this game. Three weeks in the offense now with another amazing matchup in Atlanta should lead to a great week for Claypool in Week 11 though. George Pickens has settled into the WR 1 role and is even picking up the rushing work Chase Claypool vacated adding to his value even more. Terrace Marshall did not necessarily boom but he still had more receiving yards than DJ Moore. I predicted Brian Robinson would be heavily involved in this game like Dameon Pierce the week before and was right. As good as the Eagles are they do not do well with hard-nosed runners so I would look to take advantage of those kinds of matchups for the rest of the season. 


Brandon Aiyuk, WR – 49ers vs Cardinals

Brandon Ayiuk might be Jimmy Garrapolo’s “Fave” after four consecutive weeks now of 80+ receiving yards and 6+ receptions. They have developed chemistry while Deebo has been sidelined with injury. The same thing happened with Trey Lance so he’s become two quarterbacks favorite target now, this is no fluke. Aiyuk is a legit talent and has performed well in a voluminous role consistently. Deebo isn’t going to be phased out of the offense because of Ayiuk’s performance but I don’t think Ayiuk’s role changes much even with Deebo back. I love starting heavily targeted players in divisional matchups and I think Ayiuk could be a boom here. 

Terry McLaurin, WR – Commanders vs Texans

We are going to stick with a similar theme with a lot of the receivers here. Terry McLaurin is simply a better fantasy producer when Taylor Heinicke is throwing him the ball. Heinicke likes to sling it, he’s not scared of trying to make the big play and McLaurin is awesome at making the big play. I think their momentum and success as a duo continue even though the Texans have actually had a respectable passing defense this year. The Commanders just beat the undefeated Eagles and by all accounts that was a way worse matchup than The Texans so in my opinion, we might see Terry exceed his totals from last week. 

David Montgomery, RB – Bears vs Falcons

The Bears could alternate any week with the Falcons on holding the heaviest run team in the NFL and now they are playing each other. There will be a lot of running in this game and the Bears just lost Khalil Herbert to IR. With Justin Fields rushing for over 150 yards a game nowadays the Falcons will have their hands full trying to stop him and contain his scrambling. This leaves an amazing opportunity for David Montgomery to not only soak up alot of extra touches plus face a defense not focused on stopping him. Montgomery will be a very important piece to this game plan make sure he is in your lineups

Parris Campbell, WR – Colts vs Eagles

We are going to stick with a similar theme with a lot of the receivers here. Parris Campbell is simply a better fantasy producer when Matt Ryan is throwing him the ball… Anyone else having Deja Vu? Matty Ice is back baby and everyone who holds Colts offensive weapons can at least let out a sigh of relief if not a shout of joy. Taylor looked better, Pittman regained his ceiling and Campbell stepped right back into his slot security blanket role. Jeff Saturday is an undefeated head coach and will have a tough matchup against the Eagles who just lost their first game. Maybe this game doesn’t go in the Colts favor but regardless of the game script, Campbell will get his volume. That’s what I love about players that play his kind of role. In my mind’s eye, I see him being a big part of the game plan if they are able to pull off an upset and even if not and they get smashed when nothing down the field is working he will be the dump-off option. Especially with Nyheim Hines gone.

Darius Slayton, WR – Giants vs Lions

Darius Slayton has been performing how everyone hoped Wan’Dale Robinson would after Toney was shipped off and he “took over as the main target.” Slayton has been playing with Jones a lot longer and after spending all off/pre-season on the proverbial “outs” he’s been involved and a part of the offense practically all season because of the injuries and performed well. Jones has gone to him on many key downs and situations this year and he continues to make plays with the ball in his hands. I think in a favorable matchup I’m looking at Darius Slayton to lead the team in receiving totals this week and you always want to start the receiver with the leading totals in a game against the Lions. 


Brandin Cooks, WR – Texans vs Giants

I actually dropped Brandin Cooks in one league to make room for an acquisition because I don’t like relying on players who are not invested in playing the game at a high level. Cooks has expressed his reservations publicly about how they were messing with his career by not trading him. He straight up sat out one week because of it. I can see where Cooks is coming from. He’s on a team that is not competing for the playoffs and anytime he’s on the field, especially at his age, he risks potential career-ending injury at this point. I think they may have convinced him to stay and play nice because they will have a high draft pick and get a great young QB but even if that’s true that does nothing to make me feel good about Cooks going out there and trying to dominate at any point the rest of season. With all the factors that go into fantasy football and deciding who to start, I for one am not dealing with a player that might not be giving his all. 

Ben Skowronek or Allen Robinson, WR – Rams vs Saints

Do not fall into the trap of starting the “Cooper Kupp replacement.” Cooper Kupp is the most consistently dominant fantasy producer I have ever seen and no one can replace what he does. On top of that, the Rams have been looking awful this year offensively. I think the ball will get spread around too much in this offense as they flail around and try to figure out what to do without Kupp to have a reliable starter, besides maybe Kyren Williams. Maybe one of the receivers emerges but do not fool yourself into thinking you can guess on this first week and waste a starting spot on one of these players. 

Josh Palmer, WR – Chargers vs Chiefs

Josh Palmer has only succeeded in games in which he was forced to the top of the depth chart. Even with the explosive matchup, I would be weary of starting Palmer. Mike Williams will most likely be back and I think Herbert will hyper-focus on him in a tough matchup. I’m also worried The Chargers might not be able to go blow for blow in a high-scoring game this week and if Herbert pulls out some magic then I’m sure Palmer would benefit but the Chargers just look like a different team right now and I’m not super confident in the offense outside Eckler and Mike Williams. 

James Connor, RB – Cardinals vs 49ers

The Cardinals did just get rid of Eno Benjamin so they have committed to James Connor in a high-volume role but his fantasy production last week had more to do with a matchup with a failing Rams team rather than indicating what the rest of the season will look like. He is not an efficient runner and has failed to get over 30 yards receiving. On paper, I can see why you might be excited but his play has said another. Don’t lie to yourself based on what-ifs and trust your eyes. I think San Francisco will have little trouble shutting Connor down so I don’t want to start anyone based solely on the chance they might get insane volume because of the game script. 


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