Week 11 NFL Picks

Week 11 of the NFL season is upon us. We are starting to see the contenders and pretenders sort themselves. As I said last week, this week isn’t exactly the sexiest week on paper, but as always, it’s the NFL, and we’re going to see fireworks. This week’s game of the week features the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys. The Vikings come off an upset win over the Bills on the road and the Cowboys come off a bad loss to the Packers in Green Bay. Big game for both teams here. As far as the picks go, last week was a tough one for all of us. We all only got 7 games correct. Brutal. Again, that’s the NFL for you. Let’s get into it.


  • TK – 86-61
  • Mike Dogg – 83-64
  • Marcus – 63-37
  • Jordan – 56-44
CategoryTKMike DoggMarcusJordan
Last Week7777
Total Games147147100100
Win Percentage0.5850.5640.630.56

Week 11 Picks

GameTKMike DoggMarcusJordan
Titans @ PackersPackersPackersPackersTitans
Rams @ SaintsRamsSaints SaintsSaints
Bears @ FalconsBearsFalcons BearsBears
Browns @ BillsBillsBillsBillsBills
Eagles @ ColtsEaglesColtsEaglesEagles
Jets @ PatriotsPatriotsPatriotsJetsJets
Lions @ GiantsGiantsGiants GiantsGiants
Panthers @ RavensRavensRavensRavensRavens
Commanders @ TexansCommandersTexansCommandersCommanders
Bengals @ SteelersBengalsBengalsBengalsBengals
Raiders @ BroncosBroncosRaidersRaidersBroncos
Cowboys @ VikingsCowboysVikingsVikingsVikings
Chiefs @ ChargersChiefsChiefs ChiefsChiefs
49ers @ Cardinals49ers49ers49ers49ers


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