Week 13 Buy Low – Sell High

BUY LOW and SELL HIGH is a weekly installment that will aim to evaluate the performances from the previous week and season at large and identify targets that might have peaked already or are about to peak. Being on the right side of those swings in production is crucial to fantasy football success. I will offer advice on how to maximize the value available to you through name value and recent performance bias.

Buy Low

Dameon Pierce RB, Texans

There is a narrative that Dameon Pierce is no longer a star in fantasy matchups and that means beautiful things for those looking to acquire him. He’s scored under double digits the last two weeks due to being tied to a terrible team alternating between backup caliber QBs as their starter. He hasn’t scored under double digits since before he was a featured part of the offense in weeks 1 and 2. That means since he has become the workhorse he has the same number of dud games as Justin Jefferson (2) and has made you happy every other time you started him. If you see Dameon Pierce on someone’s benched because they have talked themselves into believing they have a better option then send him an offer. Their mindset on Pierce is in the perfect spot for poaching him and you’ll enjoy rostering a strong RB2 with RB1 upside during the playoffs.

AJ Dillon RB, Packers

I know its weird to tell you to buy low on AJ Dillon after he just had his first double-digit performance since Week 1 but I know there is a large number of AJ Dillon owners everywhere who will be looking for buyers because they have held onto him for too long and can’t drop him but don’t want to go back to starting him so their only option is to move him and you might be able to get him for really cheap. I think Dillon has value because last week showed how great of an asset he can be if he had just a little more touchdown equity. He had a typical AJ Dillon last week. 60+ yards on the ground with a few receptions that would have totaled to another single-digit week if not for the touchdown. His volume is consistent enough to where if he gets a touchdown he becomes a top-15 back he just hasn’t had a lot of them this year. With the Packers likely not going to the playoffs this year Aaron Jones and Aaron Rodgers could find themselves shut down and AJ Dillon could provide some great value during the playoffs after disappointing fantasy players everywhere all season. If you are trying to plug a hole in a league with multiple flex spots I think Dillon is a great target. 

Sell High

Brian Robinson RB, Commanders

Brian Robinson’s biggest obstacle to dependable fantasy production over the next few weeks is actually scheduling. His next two games are against the Giants with a bye week in the middle during week 14… the start of the fantasy playoffs. So even if he goes off against the Giants and strings together another 20+ fantasy day (Which I don’t think he will since he’s a FADE of mine this week) you’ll have to wait to see if you advance past the first round to use him again. Plus he’s playing the same team so IF he does go off he will be a focal point of the Giants defense for sure the next time they play in round 2 of your playoffs. He’s had nice games this season and just dropped 20 so sell him off now and get someone you can depend on throughout your whole playoff run. 

Miles Sanders RB, Eagles 

Miles Sanders is a good player on a great team with lots of weapons and a great running QB. He can have big boom weeks but his floor is very low as well so since this is the last week, most likely, for you to trade players then take advantage of a big 31-point game spike to his value and see if you can upgrade your team for the playoff run. You will truly be rolling the dice with Sanders in the playoffs. Surprisingly he’s also not very involved in the passing game at all so your also depending on a big rushing day or you might find yourself with your RB2 putting up 5 points for you in the playoffs as he’s done three times this year. I could see you being able to trade Miles Sanders for Dameon Pierce + another piece you need. See what offers the starting running back for the best team in the NFL can get you after a 30-point performance. It might just be the move that secures your ring. 


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