Week 14 NFL Power Rankings

We are heading into Week 14 of the NFL season and as I say every week, we are starting to find out who the contenders are and who the pretenders are.

Last week I said that I felt like there were 8 true contenders, the top 8 teams in the Power Rankings. This week those same 8 teams remain but I am dropping the 49ers and Dolphins from my list of contenders. Unfortunately, for the 49ers they lost Jimmy G for 7-8 weeks (reportedly) and that same team that lost Jimmy G defeated the Dolphins. And listen, I like Phins, I do, I just don’t think they’re there yet. As for the Niners, they will roll with Mr. Irrelvant Brock Purdy and as fun of a story as that would be, I don’t see it happening.

That leaves the top 6.

Inside the top 6, the Bengals defeated the Chiefs 27-24 knocking them off of their top spot and the Bills with a road win over the Patriots quietly moved back into the top spot in the AFC. Those are your 3 contenders in the AFC. The Bills, Chiefs, and Bengals. A great rivalry is brewing for these QBs for years to come with Mahomes seemingly in the middle of it.

Over in the NFC, the 11-1 Eagles take their spot back atop the Power Rankings after throttling the Titans. The Cowboys made easy work of Matt Ryan and the Colts putting up a 50 burger in the game and the Vikings moved to 9-3 after defeating the Jets in a tight game. Those are your 3 contenders in the NFC. The Eagles, Cowboys, and Vikings.

Elsewhere, the Commanders and Giants played to a tie. Moving the Commanders to 7-5-1 and the Giants to 7-4-1. And while those two teams tied, their competition for the last Wild Card spot the Seahawks got back to their winning ways moving to 7-4. It should be a fun race down the stretch. Let’s take a look at this week’s Power Rankings.

Week 14 Power Rankings

1Philadelphia Eagles11-11
2Buffalo Bills9-31
3Dallas Cowboys9-32
4Kansas City Chiefs9-3-3
5Minnesota Vikings9-31
6Cincinnati Bengals8-41
7San Francisco 49ers8-41
8Miami Dolphins8-4-4
9Baltimore Ravens8-41
10Washington Commanders7-5-1-1
11Seattle Seahawks7-42
12New York Giants7-4-12
13Tennessee Titans7-5-2
14New York Jets7-4-2
15Tampa Bay Buccaneers6-62
16Los Angeles Chargers6-6-1
17Detroit Lions5-72
18Las Vegas Raiders5-73
19New England Patriots6-6-3
20Cleveland Browns5-7
21Pittsburgh Steelers5-72
22Green Bay Packers5-8
23Atlanta Falcons5-8-5
24Arizona Cardinals4-81
25Indianapolis Colts4-8-1-1
26New Orleans Saints4-9
27Jacksonville Jaguars4-8
28Los Angeles Rams3-9
29Carolina Panthers4-8
30Denver Broncos3-9
31Chicago Bears3-10
32Houston Texans1-10-1


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