Week 15 Faves & Fades

Faves and Fades is a weekly installment that focuses on players who you might be deciding between in your flex spot. We won’t be talking about any of the biggest producers here because you are going to start them regardless of the matchup. These players will be low-end WR 2 – Waiver wire range. The flex spot is oftentimes the sweatiest decision and also the X factor that can decide the matchup. This ones for the Gunslingers.

Last Week Recap


  • Elliot / 15 rushes 62 yards 1 TD, 5 targets 3 receptions 19 yards: 17.10 PPR points
  • Pollard / 10 rushes  42 yards 1 TD . 5 targets 4 receptions 20 yards 1 TD: 21.20 PPR Points
  • Jared Goff QB Lions / 27-39 completions 330 yards 3 TD: 39 PPR Points
  • Daniel Bellinger TE Giants / 3 targets 3 receptions 19 yards: 3.40 PPR Points
  • Marquise Brown WR Cardinals / 8 targets 4 receptions 34 yards: 5.40 PPR Points


  • Michael Gallup WR Cowboys / 6 targets 2 receptions 40 yards: 5 PPR Points
  • George Pickens WR Steelers / 3 targets 3 receptions 78 yards: 9.30 PPR Points
  • Cam Akers RB Rams / 12 rushes 42 yards 1 TD 1 target 1 reception 1 yard: 10 PPR Points
  • Nico Collins WR Texans / OUT

What We Learned

Ezekiel Elliot and Tony Pollard did exactly what we expected them too against a porous Texans run defense but their secondary once again proved to be their strongest link and forced a couple of interceptions from Dak and this led to Gallup only having two catches. However, he was targeted 6 times so if you need to rely on Gallup going forward it’s not anything to be super worried about and more so just confirms that as bad as the Texans are, their secondary can hold their own even if every other part of the team fails around them. Nico Collins on the other side of this game ended up being out for the contest and Chris Moore absorbed over 50% of the targets and hauled in 10 of Davis Mills’ 16 completions.

Cam Akers once again finds the endzone turning his 4 point day into a 10 point day and Kyren Williams still seems to be the more explosive back when watching them both play. They are likely managing Akers’ attitude on his role for next season. Jared Goff absolutely went bonkers and looked like they should be atop the division last week. Jameson Williams got involved with a 41-yard TD so their offense is only getting scarier and scarier. I would love to see them sneak into the playoffs and make some noise. Daniel Bellinger looked like he was going to have a TE 1 week until his rib injury in the second quarter that ended up getting him yanked from the game in the fourth quarter.

Marquise Brown got good volume even with Kyler Murray going down but his ceiling is going to be lower with Colt McCoy throwing him the ball. Maybe after another week of McCoy getting first-team reps things improve and regardless Brown will remain a huge part of this offense. George Pickens was only thrown the ball three times but surely made the most of it getting 78 yards. One of those catches was a big deep shot in which he made a great play jumping up to get it and hanging on to the ball. He also had a red zone target that wasn’t registered because of a flag so maybe the squeaky wheel is getting the oil. 

Week 15 Faves

James Conner RB / Cardinals vs Broncos

James Conner has been producing most right when you need him to and sometimes nothing feels better than to sit back and ride the wave. He has the backfield practically to himself and the volume to show for it. He’s running hard and making plays while getting involved in the passing game. The Broncos seem like they might be a bad matchup but they have allowed the 8th most rushing yards this season and the Cardinals might be looking to take advantage of that. Colt McCoy is a serviceable QB and allows the offense to run the same as it did with Kyler minus the designed QB runs/scrambles. Does this mean they will want to put the game in his hands by having him throw against a defense allowing an average of under 200 passing yards a game. That stat includes Patrick Mahomes’ 352 yards last week as well. McCoy is no Mahomes and while Marquise Brown looked back fully healthy and DeAndre Hopkins at full steam does give him good options I don’t think this game looks anything like the matchup last week for the Broncos. I think James Conner will be the focal point of the offense this week and will produce RB 1 numbers once again. 

Mike White QB / Jets vs Lions

This is the matchup all fantasy owners salivate for. If you find yourselves streaming QBs at this point or choosing between low-end QB 1 options look no further than Mike White. He took some huge hits last week and his health is in question but he finished the game despite his potential injuries and threw for 100+ more yards than his opponent Josh Allen last week. The kid is tough as nails and talented. The Lions have been a bad all-around defense all year but most recently their run defense has been stepping up making it even more likely for a boom week from White. The Lions haven’t been able to stop the pass all season and the Jets have tons of weapons. Their running backs are fully capable of getting involved in the passing game as well and Michael Carter is also 100% healthy again adding another great dynamic to their game. Wilson has been excelling in the WR 1 role under White and Elijah Moore has been getting “Moore” involved and we will talk “Moore” about that….

Elijah Moore WR / Jets vs Lions 

…right now. Elijah Moore is finally an actual part of this offense. After a bizarre beginning to the year for the talented young WR he has now started to find his groove and is getting involved with respectable target numbers. Mike White looked to Elijah Moore 10 times last week resulting in 6 receptions and 60 yards. It was an ugly game with ugly conditions but Moore was the trusted man that White was looking to. Wilson is obviously the WR 1 but even he was out-targeted by Moore showing the potential ceiling Moore has in this new role. He is being used as a motion man and is clearly the number 1 option in some of these plays. The great thing about Moore is that he can be found on waivers right now. If you are desperate for a WR play you might not only get a serviceable week but a league-winning week out of Elijah Moore. 

Tyler Lockett WR / Seahawks vs 49ers

Tyler Lockett is an explosive weapon every offense wishes they had. He has blazing speed for downfield shots and can play a great slot role as well. While the 49ers defense is great they have been weak at one spot all year. The slot. Kupp burned them both times he played them as well as Lockett himself and even Greg Dortch gave them the business. All WR 1 fantasy outings. All in division rivals as well. Teams know their division rivals better than anyone. The Seahawks already exposed this weakness last time they played and I’m willing to bet they will expose it this time as well. Kenneth Walker has no injury designation going into the game but is coming off a weird injury no one is very sure about. Lockett will be a featured part of the offense in this great divisional matchup.

Week 15 Fades 

Chris Moore WR / Texans vs Chiefs

I know Chris Moore may have bailed you out off the waivers last week but I think the “Texas” bowl gave the Texans a reason to fight harder than they had all season due to it being pretty much over before it started. They gave a nice fight and Chris Moore absorbed 10 of the 16 completions Davis Mills made all game. With Dameon Pierce out this offense will be a shell of itself which was already a pretty hollow shell to begin with. Don’t convince yourself Chris Moore is now a reliable option as you’re going into the first week of your playoffs. Thank him for saving your ass last week and move on. You don’t want any part of this offense this week.

Jerrick McKinnon RB / Chiefs vs Texans

Jerick McKinnon had his way with the Denver defense last week. His workload seemed more of an on the fly adjustment to his extreme success with the ball in his hands. In other words last week they were just feeding the hot hand. He still only had 6 rushes. All his production came from the passing game which as I said seemed more of an adjustment than a game plan they had going in. The Texans are very susceptible to the run but I think that benefits Pacheco more than Mckinnon. Maybe you are in the position where Mckinnon is your only option but he’s probably been on your bench pretty much all year so be careful about changing that now.

Jameson Williams WR / Lions vs Jets

First round wideouts have been very successful this year so I don’t blame you if you’re excited about Williams’ long touchdown last week. Like I said with McKinnon if you have no other option then go ahead and throw caution to the wind but sometimes the floor play is the better option. The Lions are not mathematically out of the playoffs this year but I still don’t think they plan on making Williams a regular part of this offense unless they do magically slip into the playoffs. He’s talented enough to where he could do some damage on the few scripted plays or snaps they allow him but betting on a low volume played during the first week of playoffs is risky business. Chris Moore, Jerick McKinnon, and Jameson Williams all seem like trap plays to me this week and I want to stay away from them when building my playoff lineups. 


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