Week 15 NFL Picks

Week 15 of the NFL season is upon us. Crazy that we are only a few weeks away from the playoffs. This week we will see some important divisional matchups between the 49ers and Seahawks, Dolphins and Bills, Titans and Chargers, and the Giants and Commanders. And also a couple of big non-conference games between the Bucs and Bengals and Jets and Lions. That’s right. The Jets and Lions. Big game for both teams. Let’s get into the picks.


  • TK – 122-82
  • Mike Dogg – 121-81
  • Marcus – 99-58
  • Jordan – 93-64
CategoryTKMike DoggMarcusJordan
Last Week8587
Total Games204204157157
Win Percentage0.5980.5930.630.592

Week 15 Picks

Game TKMike DoggMarcusJordan
49ers @ Seahawks49ers49ers49ers49ers
Colts @ VikingsVikingsVikingsVikingsVikings
Ravens @ BrownsBrownsRavens BrownsRavens
Dolphins @ BillsBillsBills BillsBills
Falcons @ SaintsSaintsSaintsSaintsSaints
Bengals @ Buccaneers BengalsBengals BengalsBengals
Eagles @ BearsEaglesEagles EaglesEagles
Lions @ JetsLionsLionsLionsJets
Steelers @ PanthersPanthersPanthersPanthersSteelers
Cowboys @ JaguarsCowboysCowboys CowboysCowboys
Chiefs @ TexansChiefsChiefsChiefsChiefs
Cardinals @ BroncosCardinalsCardinals CardinalsBroncos
Patriots @ RaidersRaidersPatriots PatriotsPatriots
Titans @ ChargersChargersChargersTitansChargers
Giants @ CommandersCommandersR WordsGiantsGiants
Rams @ PackersPackersPackers PackersPackers


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