Week 16 NFL Power Rankings

Week 16 of the NFL season is here. Absolutely crazy that there are only 3 weeks left in the season. Every week I drop these power rankings and talk about the contenders separating themselves from the pretenders. This week was no different. Last week I was souring on Minnesota and moved them off my contender list. And while they did win and complete the largest comeback in NFL history, I can’t take a team seriously that was losing to the Colts 33-0 at home.

If you look below at the power rankings you see that the Cowboys fell out of the top 5. They also fall off my list of contenders. I still think there’s a chance they can get everything to click. The talent is there. But something is just missing.

And then there were 5. The Eagles, Bills, Chiefs, Bengals, and 49ers. Yep, the 49ers. Purdymania is running wild brother and that defense is flat-out nasty. So for me, in the NFC it is a two-team race. In the AFC we have Patrick, Josh, and Joe. Three studs, one of which will surely win the AFC. Right now the Bills have the inside track at a first round bye but the Bengals could very well take that over if they defeat them when they play on Monday Night Football in a huge game in Week 17.

In other news, the Chargers are heating up at the right time and have the inside track to playing the winner of the weak AFC South in the first round. The Dolphins and Ravens should get those other two Wild Card spots. The AFC playoffs are going to be a blast. The team that hurt themselves most this weekend was the Patriots with their loss to the Raiders. If they had won they would have moved to 8-6, instead they lost in the most moronic way possible at the end of regulation. Brutal.

In the NFC the Giants beat the Commanders giving them a firm grasp on the 2nd Wild Card spot. And that last spot is up for grabs. The Commanders have the inside track right now but the Lions (what?!?!) that’s right the Lions are in pursuit at 7-7 and the team to keep your eyes out for is the Packers. The Packers could win out, finish 9-8, and give the Vikings a potential first round nightmare matchup. Love this time of the year! Oh, and the NFC South…WOOF! A team sub-500 will win the division. Gross. Let’s get into it.

Week 16 NFL Power Rankings

1Philadelphia Eagles13-1
2Buffalo Bills11-3
3Kansas City Chiefs11-3
4Cincinnati Bengals9-41
5San Francisco 49ers9-41
6Dallas Cowboys10-4-1
7Minnesota Vikings10-41
8Los Angeles Chargers8-63
9Miami Dolphins8-6-1
10Baltimore Ravens9-5-3
11New York Giants8-5-12
12Detroit Lions7-73
13Washington Commanders7-6-1-3
14Seattle Seahawks7-7-2
15New England Patriots7-7-1
16Tennessee Titans7-7
17Green Bay Packers6-85
18Las Vegas Raiders6-81
19New York Jets7-7-2
20Cleveland Browns6-8
21Pittsburgh Steelers6-8
22Jacksonville Jaguars6-82
23Tampa Bay Buccaneers6-8-5
24New Orleans Saints5-94
25Atlanta Falcons5-9-2
26Carolina Panthers5-9-1
27Los Angeles Rams4-10-1
28Indianapolis Colts4-9-1-1
29Denver Broncos4-101
30Arizona Cardinals4-10
31Chicago Bears3-11
32Houston Texans1-12-1


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