Week 9 Buy Low-Sell High Players

Neely back with something new this week. I‘ll be taking a look at players that I would buy low or sell high. Let’s get into it.

Buy Low

Gabe Davis

You don’t realize just how lucky you are. You find yourself amidst the aftermath of a Gabe Davis down week. People are already jumping to call him a boom or bust option and I see comparisons to early career Mike Williams. Ridiculous. First week he’s a smash. Then he gets hurt and has to miss one week while getting back healthy the next two. Once he’s fully healthy he dropped 32 and then smashed the next week as well (“Smashed” meaning 16+ points in both said smashings). I think the most valid critique on Gabe Davis is that he can get lost in the offense simply because they don’t need him. I think those occurrences will be far and few between. He’s Josh Allen’s favorite end zone target. The kinds of throws and opportunities he gives Davis clearly show his trust. He throws him jump balls like they are two best friends in the backyard. Diggs clearly has his role but I think the monstrous upside with Davis is something that every roster would benefit from him. Go get him now.

Mike Williams

I think Mike Williams is going to be the shot in the arm that De’Andre Hopkins has recently been. Williams could be a true league winner since he’s expected to return right in the thick of the most important part of the fantasy season. On top of that Justin Herbert has a very nice schedule to end the season (ATL, SF, and KC could be shootouts, ARI, LV, MIA, IND, and LAR) I’m only leaving out two games in the rest of their season which is the last game in the Denver matchup and the game against Tennessee because those are tougher matchups. The rest are all loves for me. Those are either bad defenses or games in which Herbert will be potentially forced to sling it alot. Mike Williams is, of course, going to be a part of that plan and I actually hope Keenan Allen is back because I think their offense at full force is better for Mike Williams than forcing him to be the only main option. His return is still three or four weeks away so go get him and stash him next to Jameson Williams on your two IR spots and watch them decimate your league mates come payoff time.

Chase Claypool

This move intrigues me. Chase Claypool is a big dude. 6’4 and not skinny. Justin Fields has just found his new best friend. They are finally unlocking Fields’ running ability and I think Claypool with WR 1 usage is going to be huge not only for this team but his fantasy production.  I think the whole team benefits from having a true WR 1 type. Mooney can be moved around more and maybe Kmet has more room to breathe as well!? Maybe I am getting too excited but with the emergence of Khalil Herbert and Fields finally getting going I think this team is primed to take a step forward this second half of the season and definitely next year.

Sell High

Tony Pollard

Tony Pollard probably just had the best game of his fantasy season and maybe fantasy career. The stars aligned for one of those few times where we get to see Tony Pollard with a full workload. It was glorious! Three Touchdowns off… 14 rushes? And … 1 catch? His efficiency has always been insane but this was impressive. Ezekiel Elliot must have some dirt on Jerry Jones because Pollard has done this nearly every time he has had a full workload and consistently looks more explosive than Zeke. In dynasty leagues go ahead and hold Pollard because they will have to give in to his talent eventually but I think in season-long leagues this is a perfect opportunity to go get someone with more guaranteed usage. 36 fantasy points is going to shine like diamonds to people’s eyes so maximize your value here and go flip him.

D’Onta Foreman

I actually liked what I saw a lot from D’Onta Foreman. Like Pollard, he’s always shown his talent when given the opportunity. I also think this was a very emotionally charged divisional battle in which the winner would sit alone atop the division. Both teams sit on the wrong side of 15 on most power rankings so while it was an extremely fun game I think it may inflate the potential outcomes for Panthers games. Foreman gets goal line work and I think will probably outrush Chuba Hubbard when he returns as he will mostly get the passing work. I think his fantasy production will end up looking more like Gus Edwards most weeks and not Derrick Henry. He’s coming off a huge performance and people’s imaginations are running wild with him being the replacement for McCaffrey. Which may be true but I think flipping him will end up giving you a better return than slotting him in as your RB2/flex and hoping for more monstrous games.



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