Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

We are officially at the halfway point of the NFL season and that’s about the point where we start to figure out who the contenders and the pretenders are. The top five in the rankings stayed the same as the Eagles, Bills, Vikings, and Cowboys all won, while the Chiefs were on a bye. The Power 10 also saw the Titans continue to rise as they moved up two spots to number 6. The Dolphins are back in the Power 10 after a couple week hiatus and the Seattle Seahawks are in the top 10 for the first time this season after defeating the New York Giants. Speaking of the Giants, they fell 4 spots to number 9, while the Jets run in the Power 10 came to an end after they lost to the Patriots. In other news, the Buccaneers and Packers continue to lose as both teams are now 3-5, while Rodgers and Brady look miserable. Let’s get into it.

1.) Philadelphia Eagles (7-0)

The Eagles stay at the top spot in the Power 10 after defeating the Steelers 35-13. Jalen Hurts passed for 285 yards and 4 TDs, including 3 to AJ Brown. The Eagles play the Texans in Week 9 on Thursday Night Football.

2.) Buffalo Bills (6-1)

The Bills remain in the second spot after defeating the Packers 27-17 on Sunday Night Football. Buffalo didn’t have their best game and still managed 27 points. Much to do with the running game averaging 5.7 yards per run and Stefon Diggs’ 108 yards receiving and a score. Buffalo plays the Jets in Week 9.

3.) Kansas City Chiefs (5-2)

The Chiefs had a bye week in Week 8. The Chiefs have a big AFC showdown on Sunday Night Football against the Titans.

4.) Minnesota Vikings (6-1)

The Vikings moved to 6-1 after defeating the Cardinals 34-26. Kirk Cousins had 2 TDs and Dalvin Cook added one on the ground. The Vikings take on the Commanders in Week 9.

5.) Dallas Cowboys (6-2)

The Cowboys moved to 6-2 after defeating the Bears 49-29. Dallas scored TDs on their first 4 drives of the game. Tony Pollard was the catalyst for the Dallas offense, rushing for 131 yards and 3 TDs. Dallas takes on the Packers in Week 9.

6.) Tennessee Titans (5-2)

The Titans continue to move up the Power 10 after defeating the Texans 17-10. Derrick Henry was a beast in this game, rushing for 219 yards and 2 scores. The Titans have a huge game coming up this week with their Conference rivals the Kansas City Chiefs.

7.) Baltimore Ravens (5-3)

The Ravens move up two spots after defeating the Buccaneers 27-22. Lamar Jackson was efficient passing for 238 yards and 2 TDs. The Ravens take on the Saints in Week 9.

8.) Seattle Seahawks (5-3)

The first place Seattle Seahawks…that’s right the first place Seattle Seahawks continue to play good football as they defeated the Giants 27-13. Geno Smith was efficient passing for 212 yards and 2 TDs. The Seahawks take on the Cardinals in Week 9.

9.) New York Giants (6-2)

The Giants dropped a few spots in the Power 10 after a road loss to the Seahawks. The NFC East is a tough division as all 4 teams are .500 or better but the Giants have a great chance to put some wins in their back pocket as they host the Texans and the Lions the next two weeks before 4 straight division games and a game against the Vikings. I expect the Giants to get to 8-2 but the schedule gets tough from there.

10.) Miami Dolphins (5-3)

The Dolphins are back in the Power 10 after a couple week hiatus after beating the Lions 31-27. Tua balled out, passing for 382 yards and 3 TDs. Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle combined for 294 yards and 2 TDs. That passing game is ridiculous! The Dolphins play the Bears, Browns, and Texans the next three weeks so they have a chance to move to 8-3 before their schedule toughens up. Expect to see the Dolphins on this list for the rest of the season.

Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

1Philadelphia Eagles7-0
2Buffalo Bills6-1
3Kansas City Chiefs5-2
4Minnesota Vikings6-1
5Dallas Cowboys6-21
6Tennessee Titans5-22
7Baltimore Ravens5-32
8Seattle Seahawks5-34
9New York Giants6-2-4
10Miami Dolphins5-34
11Los Angeles Chargers4-32
12San Francisco 49ers4-43
13New York Jets5-2-6
14Cincinnati Bengals4-4-4
15Washington Commanders4-45
16Atlanta Falcons4-48
17Los Angeles Rams3-4-6
18New England Patriots4-45
19Arizona Cardinals3-5-2
20Indianapolis Colts3-4-1-1
21Tampa Bay Buccaneers3-5-5
22Green Bay Packers3-5-1
23Denver Broncos3-51
24New Orleans Saints3-51
25Cleveland Browns3-54
26Chicago Bears3-5-4
27Las Vegas Raiders2-5-9
28Jacksonville Jaguars2-6-1
29Pittsburgh Steelers2-6-1
30Carolina Panthers2-6
31Detroit Lions1-6
32Houston Texans1-5-1


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