Why Gambling Makes Things More Fun

I was about 10 years old when my uncle asked me if I wanted to bet on a football game. I lost but I was hooked. I didn’t gamble on sports until I was older, but my cousin and I would play poker for candy all throughout my childhood, probably not the best thing for a kid, but it did teach me so much about math, odds, and most of all, gambling.

I am a gambler, not a degenerate, cause I have fun and don’t lose my ass off. I just love the rush and love that gambling makes meaningless games very meaningful! I am an avid sports fan, but as I have aged, games don’t mean as much as they did when I was young (or pure, haha). The idea of watching Hawaii vs Vanderbilt at 10:30 pm on a Saturday night sounds awful unless you had a 4 leg parlay riding on it!!!

Betting against the spread (ATS) is the hardest thing to do in gambling.

Let’s talk about the spread.

A man named Charles McNeil invented the sports spread back in the early 1930s. McNeil was a very smart man with a Masters’s Degree from the University of Chicago. In the beginning, it was called “wholesaling odds” and McNeil would put one team versus another at 4.5 to 1 and then would try to predict what one team would beat another by, which became the modern-day spread. The most important thing to understand is that the spread is meant to make money for the house, you can make some serious scratch.

Back to gambling, nowadays gambling is legal in most states, so don’t miss out. I totally understand not everyone has expendable income, but save, make it a hobby.

How many hobbies have the potential to make money on something you already love?

Not many.

ATS is the norm for everyday gamblers like myself, but I love player props within certain sports. Do your homework! Don’t be naive and think you know more than you do, I like to ride out the first few weeks of the NFL season and learn some trends.

Also, don’t unit shame anyone!!! I start real low, every season, running a few 20$ straight bets and a few 10$ parlays and try to build my roll.


I tend to try to go safe a few plays a week, I’m not afraid to bet 50$ to win 32$ and keep my roll healthy. The rush you get from winning is unmatched by many things. Enjoy the rush, make some money and be responsible. If you have a problem, seek help.



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